Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Latina perspective

Landscapers around the country (along with a number of other industries) consider their next moves now that the provision for U.S. legislators have failed to renew the H2B Cap extension. Already the cap has been reached for the first have of 2008, according to news reports. (For more about that, click here.)

Trade associations are scrambling to contact their congressmen and contractors are considering their options. Curiously absent from the debate (at least I've yet to hear much about it) is the perspective of the visiting worker. Obviously, they want to be here or there wouldn't be much of an issue, but at least one source has placed the blame squarely on our shoulders.

The article on Latina Lista, which bills itself as "A viewpoint on anything and everything from a Latina perspective," begins with the illegal immigration debate, but smoothly transitions to the guest worker program. (For the full commentary, click here.)

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