Friday, March 02, 2007

For heaven's sake — sell me the hot dog

For you visual learners, let me draw this picture:

Setting — Cold, rainy, nasty winter’s day in downtown Cleveland, Ohio
Time — Noon, lunchtime
Location — Office cafeteria short walk across the street from hungry editor’s office
Editor’s expectation — Plump hot dog on bun and a handful of crispy chips in plastic take-out container
Editor’s action to acquire said hot dog — Fifth customer in line to hot-food serving area containing stainless container of hot dogs, along with trays of salmon, sweet/sour chicken and assorted sides
Wait time in line — Approximately six or seven minutes
Outcome — Young server, hot dogs and chips at hand, advise editor he is in wrong line and must re-enter adjacent grill line where mob of hungry office workers await hamburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches from overworked grill cook
Editor’s reaction — Exit cafeteria in search of easier source of hot dog and chips

Take home message: If the customer wants a hot dog and you have one handy, give it to him and take his money, for heaven’s sake. Don’t send him off to the “official” hot-dog person. Remember: The world is full of hot dogs and hot dog sellers. — Ron Hall

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