Monday, August 11, 2008

Murray's blog tells how he built the Olympic baseball fields

Murray Cook has one of the most interesting jobs in the world. He travels the globe installing baseball fields and teaching other people how to install and maintain baseball fields. This year he's been spending a lot of his time in Beijing. When you watch the Olympic baseball competition you will be seeing Cook's handiwork — the baseball fields. He had a similar role at the Melbourne Australia and the Athens Greece games.

Murray runs the Sports Turf Division of The Brickman Company. He also works for MLB Commissioner's Office as a field and stadium consultant. He has been taking care of baseball fields since 1974.

In recent years he has been averaging 300,000 air miles annually, traveling to exotic locations to build baseball fields.

If you want to get a flavor for what Murray does and see some fascinating images of the Olympics, check out Murray's blog at —

Murray's favorite hobby? According to his blog it's "staying at home."

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