Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Having won the lawn care fight, is foresty & ag next?

In spite of rigorous pesticide testing procedures by the Canadian government (among the most rigorous in the world), Ontario Province will almost certainly pass a province-wide ban on the use of almost all commercially available chemical lawn care pest controls this coming spring.

Jeffrey Lowes, Director of Government & Industrial Relations, M-REP Communications, says a recent survey suggests that when the ban is implemented it could cost the Province anywhere from 3800 to 9100 jobs.

Says Lowes: “The Ontario Government is unable to recognize their policy is based on the false claims of the activists. The same activists are now in the process of targeting the agricultural sector . . . They have already held planning meetings on how to target the forestry industry. Given their success and support by the Liberal’s, the damages caused by these groups will continue.”

Click on the headline to view a recent conference focusing on the use of pesticides in agriculture, sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society.

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Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Lowes is "activist" too. No dictionary will tell you that the word activist is limited to people whose causes Lowes doesn't like. I am retired federal public servant and I am sick and tired of hearing how wonderful our pesticide regulation process is, with Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) praised to the skies. They don't know how to evaluate human studies, as they have only one lonely epidemiologist on staff. Virtually all they do is examine rats studies, but rats have detoxification genes missing in humans. Vital human data are not given to the PMRA. PMRA reputation among independent scientists is very low. This is why provincial governments get involved.