Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PLANET Day of Service a great idea

If you're the owner or manager of a landscape, lawn care or irrigation service company, mark April 22 on your calendar. That's the day of the first-ever Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) Day of Service. What better time to do something worthwhile for your local community than during these tough economic times.

Think up some way to help — perhaps helping to fix up some ballfields, preparing beds for color plantings, a new fence around a city park, whatever. Your project doesn't have to be large. Get in touch with the local city manager or parks director and come up with something that needs to get done. Then, start planning and getting your team fired up about the project. You many even want to hook up with some friendly competitors in your neighborhood and double- or triple-team a larger project.

There's all kinds of information about the Day of Service on a special PLANET website (click on the headline) or go to — http://planetdayofservice.org/home/index.php

The website has a list of the companies that have already signed on to do something for their communities. Click on the map, which is on the web site, and see which companies are getting involved. — Ron Hall

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R Heller said...

we are really excited about the PLANET national day of service.Our company is working with the town art center. It started out as a replanting project, but now we are partnering with the art center to have an earth day event on site, inviting the elementary school kids to come do eco-awareness projects with our staff. As a company committed to sustainability and community service, this event is becoming something we can really be proud of!