Saturday, July 25, 2009

A simpler type of green roof and miniature gardens

Not every green roof is an engineering marvel. Here's a simple and quaint green roof at the Mulberry Creek Herb Farm in Huron, OH. It features too many varieties of sedum and other smallish, drought-resistant plants to mention here. The herb farm, operated by Karen and Mark Langan, specializes in certified organic herbs and offers one of the largest selections of miniature perennials in the United States.

Miniature perennials are becoming extremely popular with consumers, especially when they're displayed in small, decorative planters or pots. Many homeowners are now setting aside small areas of their landscapes and designing miniature gardens using these plants, which come in a surprising variety of shapes and colors. With few exceptions, they're hardy and survive even the northern Ohio winters.

If you're ever in north central Ohio or traveling to the Cedar Point amusement park (America's Roller Coast) in nearby Sandusky, OH, you might want to check out the unique, tiny ornamental plants at the farm, including its growing collection of bonsai, garden railroad and its several whimsical "faery" gardens. Each June the farm has an "HerbFair" that draws several thousand visitors. The festival is a celebration of flowers, herbs, music, arts and crafts. All things Irish were featured at this year's Fair. The theme for the 2010 Fair is Japan. — Ron Hall

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