Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Here's a new one on us — goldenscaping

How many ‘scapings can you name?

Hmm — landscaping, interiorscaping, greenscaping, hardscaping, skyscaping (LM’s admittedly imaginative term for green roofs) and why not waterscaping? Did we miss any?

How about golden landscaping, which we’ll shorten to goldenscaping.

We ran across the term in a newspaper article appearing in The Northern Light, serving the communities of Blaine and Birch Bay, WA.

What in tarnations is goldenscaping, you ask?

Very simple, it’s allowing the turfgrass on your property to turn from green to golden brown during summer’s dog days. Dormancy is grasses’ response to surviving periods of inadequate water or drought.

If you want your turfgrass to revive to green when the fall rains return, we advise you check with your regional turfgrass extension person or a turfgrass expert at the closest land grant university to see just how brown and crispy you can allow your turfgrass to become before it gives up the ghost entirely.

Brown is good; dead is not so good. — LM Staff

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