Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is it time to consider bartering?

Who among us hasn’t traded one good for another? Or exchanged services of equal value with someone else? Bartering is the oldest form of human exchange and it’s still going strong.

We know the following is a minor example of bartering but we thought it was cool nonetheless.

Two ladies in Massachusetts recently bartered their sign lettering services for landscape services, including a fall cleanup.

One of the ladies found out how much the landscaper would charge and then the ladies did the same amount in signage, magnetic, truck lettering, whatever they need. All parties seemed to be happy with the deal, reports wickedlocal.com.

We wonder if landscapers are more open to the concept of bartering in light of customers’ increasing reluctance to part with their cash in this economy?


Anonymous said...

Bartering rocks. I have been bartering for a year now and totally love it, sometimes it becomes a game and I will try to see what I can barter for something else. http://barterquest.com is a good place if you are interested in bartering.

Anonymous said...

remember that the UNCLE looks at the value of the barter as income!!!

Anonymous said...

Bartering is like being paid cash for under the table work; it loses its appeal when you can't pay your bills with out an good cash flow.

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