Thursday, February 04, 2010

Don't let a bumper sticker kill a sale

Bill Phagan, a former Tampa-area landscaper and long-time industry business consultant (Green Industry Consulting, Inc.) offered up what we feel is valuable sales advice in his latest quarterly “Your MoneyTree News” enewsletter.

Phagan opines that it’s not a good idea — at least from a sales perspective — in being too out front with clients in regards to your political, religious or perhaps even with your favorite team preferences.

Being a native Floridian he offers up the example of a owner/salesman who may have lost sales after getting into extended conversations with prospects over which is the better athletic program, the Seminoles or the Gators. If you know anything about Florida football (and you’re not a Hurricane booster), you’re either a fan of Florida State or the University of Florida. It's unlikely you're passionate about both.

The point of Phagan’s advice: don’t expect prospects to necessarily embrace your political, religious, social or sports views. In other words, keep your sales calls focused on business. This goes for any potentially devisive bumper stickers (including non-U.S. flags) that you sport on your sales and service vehicles, too, he writes. — Ron Hall

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Matt - Austin TX said...

I would have to agree on the part about sporting teams. I own a landscaping company in Austin TX, home of the Texas Longhorns. Most of my customers are die hard Longhorn fans as am I but then again we have a few Texas A&M fans. I always try not to get into conversation with customers on these types of topics, it's better for business that way.