Sunday, July 11, 2010

We can only hope we're like Larry

(Image by Owen Baker, staff photographer The Daily Breeze)

Larry Marty, a great-great-grandfather who lives in Torrence, CA, is pretty amazing. The guy is 91 and goes to work four days a week as a landscaper, working in his grandson’s company.

I read about Larry in an article written by Dennis McCarthy in the July 9 issue of the Daily Breeze (actually

"Granddad's the first one to arrive in the morning, the only one on time, and he always takes the hardest jobs," says Mike DeVestern, one of Marty's eight grandchildren quoted in the article.

Stop what you’re doing and click here to read about Larry. This man is inspiring. — Ron Hall

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TreesHouston said...

Larry is 91 and a landscaper? Incredibly amazing. way to go Larry. Kudos to you. I am a professional arborist and I can tell you from my experience that Larry is a strong man to be doing what he is doing.unesco