Friday, January 28, 2011

Hard-luck Texas family wins lawn care franchise

Wesley Neukam and his family in Corpus Christi, TX, are getting a fresh start in rebuilding their lives after winning a lawn care franchise from Clean Air Lawn Care. Neukam won:

o A Clean Air Lawn Care franchise, along with ongoing support, valued at $35,000.
o Lawn equipment donated by Black & Decker, valued at $1,000.
o Patagonia Clean Air Clothing, valued at - $200.

The Ft. Collins, CO-based, lawn care company launched the contest this past October with applications submitted online. Four finalists were eventually selected and invited to post online broadcasts to be voted on by the public through December.

"There are many hard-working Americans who are currently recovering from unexpected events. We are happy to do our part by giving a chance to someone who has the skills, passion and determination to be successful, but who may not have the means," said Kelly Giard, founder and CEO of Clean Air Lawn Care, whose company and franchisees use electric mowing equipment and offer organic lawn care. Currently it numbers 27 territories across the United States.

This past year was a tough year for Neukam and his family. We wish them a much better 2011. To hear his story and watch his winning video, go here:


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I like your idea of having contest for the best lawn care specialist, one way of challenging them to be a good one. A way to prove their craftsmanship in maintaining lawns.

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Best wishes to the winner and congratulations.

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It is an inspirational story.Congratulations to winner and it is a challenge for him to make his reputation more better.This story will be inspiring for others individuals who are willing to work in in this field.Thanks for sharing this.Lawn mowing

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