Friday, April 15, 2011

Safety first

We don't have to tell you how dangerous a profession landscaping is. Every few months (and that's conservative) we read about a contractor who rolled his mower over into a lake and drowns. Or there's carelessness with equipment that results in the loss of a limb or some other injury. Maybe it's a driving accident while guys are heading from one job to the next. Injuries on the job mean loss of productivity, workers compensation concerns, moral issues just to name a few.

The website, The Daily Beast has put together a list of the top 20 most dangerous professions. Firefighter and police officer are there right where you'd expect them to be. And sitting at No. 17 is landscaper (see the full list here).

According to the article there were 4,700 injuries and 15.6 fatalities per 100,000 full-time workers. The statistics are based on 2009 data.


Jorge said...

This is a very dangerous profession. Many people do not realize it. It is important for owners to often train their employees on proper equipment use. Many times I have seen people mowing the edge of a lake too close, when they can just use a weed eater. Are you really gonna risk your life just to save a couple of minutes???

Orange County Landscaping said...

I agree Jorge. Landscaping can be dangerous and labor-sum work that requires both skill and strength. Safety is important and i don't think that enough landscapers stress this fact enough.

kathleen said...

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Distinctive Landscaping said...

When you become mentally and physically exhausted (spring) poor decision can be made and result in dangerous situations.. Stay safe out there!

Tony Harrison said...

Hi from Australia Guys,

One of the worst injuries that landscapers can suffer is a debilitating back injury and if you are small operator it can virtually put you out of business, so take care.

There is a product developed in South Australia that has been around since 1988 that was originally developed for sheep shearers but is used a lot in landscaping and on farms as back injury prevention and back injury rehabilitation device, you can check it out on Youtube by typing in the Youtube search bar "Tolai All Purpose" which will take you to an in use video that might be helpful.


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