Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Machines of Glory

       Put a pair of contractors in a couple of machines and your going to have two things — a business (or at least potential for one) and more importantly (at least from the perspective of the employees) a competition.
       Go to just about any equipment show and you'll find an equipment rodeo that pits operator against operator in a skills competition. Many operators are incredibly talented and need a venue to showcase their skills.

      So, it's not surprising (especially with the proliferation of reality shows) that television gurus have found a way to turn these competitions into entertaining television. "Machines of Glory," which features equipment provided by Caterpillar, is expected to air toward the end of the month (check your local listings) on the Discovery Channel.

     The new program, hosted by ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's," Johnny Littlefield, the show takes three teams of three and puts them through their paces competing against one another in a series of "outrageous challenges that put their skills to the test in three areas of ability — speed, skill and power — while operating massive machines including powerful excavators, speedy backhoes, agile skid steers, massive wheel loaders and nimble dozers." And those machines were donated by the good folks at Caterpillar.

Below are a few images from the first few episodes.


Chris Heiler said...

Nice work Cat! That's some great product placement!

Javo said...

When is this show goes on tv?