Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting More Done by Trading Services: A Fig Tree Story

By Jeffrey Scott, MBA

Some contractors tell me, "I just can't afford that right now." Usually they are putting off important decisions (marketing, website, training, consulting, etc.). They think they must first grow more profitable and then they can afford these critical services. This is backwards. Waiting often doesn't make things better! One possible solution is to trade services with other professionals. It is called bartering. 

Many contractors have clients and colleagues who do marketing, online work, training and consulting. You just have to ask, and many of them would be glad to trade services with you.

I don't do this normally, but this week I helped out a young, very promising local garden designer and install maintenance company who just started a small garden center. The designer wanted to grow specialty plants and drive leads to her install business. She couldn't afford my whole fee, so we did some trading. And as a thank you gift, she gave me this lovely fig tree. My whole family is excited by the tree, how we need to take care of it, the fruit it will bear and how it will add a vertical dimension to our garden. 

Your company won't bear fruit if you don't feed and water it. Don't stop growing! You have to invest in yourself in order to become prosperous.

Jeffrey Scott, MBA, grew his landscape firm into a $10 million enterprise. He now helps owners transform and profitably grow their landscape businesses by coaching them within a peer group format. Learn about his peer groups at or contact him at

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