Monday, October 02, 2006

Back off moron, you're risking my life!

Rant *** (three stars)

I've gotten fond of living. Living is a good thing. You know flowers, sunshine, friends, family . . . all that stuff.

Getting squashed on the the grill of some big truck, like the white Ford 250 pulling a trailer of landscape gear that was riding the bumper of my puny Eagle Summit on I-90 tonight. — that's a bad thing.

Hey moron it wasn't enough that you were bump drafting me at 65 mph in the curb lane, but you were yakkin' on a cell phone to boot.

You know who you are. Cut it out!!! — Ron Hall

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I get these idiots early in the morning when they still have their headlight high beams on, plus driving lights, plus fog lights, etc. Why do you need aircraft landing lights at 25 mph in traffic? People who are too stupid to operate high intensity lights properly should not be allowed to have them.

The scumbags who tailgate and don't manage headlights properly should get citations--or bullets in the head?

Thanks for the rant and the opportunity to toss in my cent and a half.