Wednesday, September 27, 2006

120 bans in place — but who's counting, huh?

Check off picturesque Comox, British Columbia, as the latest Canadian community to ban the use of synthetic pesticides for lawn care, the 120th community in Canada to do so. As usual, opponents of commercial lawn care pounded on the alleged risk associated with using special chemicals for purely aesthetic reasons. Comox is a seaside city of about 12,000 people on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Anti-lawn care forces are now aiming at other small communities in the beautiful Comox Valley. Look for the councillors in the nearby towns of Courtenay and Cumberland to feel the heat from the vocal anti-pesticide coalition — Chances are they will become numbers 121 and 122. — Ron Hall

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BT the gardener said...

In Canada we do not have the same amount of chemicals available for the proffessional to use. I believe this anti-chemical issue should be looked at as a market opportunity. Consumers will want the service. Build the appropriate client expectations, and adapt. I know it is easier to spray the weeds than to manual overseed the area to promote a healthier lawn. But it is what it is.