Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another great snow job

Give Snow King John Allin credit. The former Erie, PA-landscape company owner and one of the forces in the formative years of the Snow & Ice Management Association doesn’t let any slush form under his feet. After founding, running (and piling up a lot of debt in the process) and unloading the national Snow Management Group, he’s become an international traveler as president of Snow Dragon, a division of huge Park Ohio Holdings, based in Cleveland, OH. We recently got a news release about Allin in Salzburg, Austria. It looks like he’s helping pull together another snow association, this one in Europe. You can bet he’ll be pushing and selling his company’s large snow-melting equipment. He knows the business and the melters fill a big hole in the industry. Beyond that, Allin is a pretty good darn salesman; he proves it again and again.

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Anonymous said...

How can anyone in their right mind give John Allin credit for anything other than being a lying, cheating scum bag. He left the snow plowing industry in shame and all you ever hear from the press is what a great guy he is. However, when you talk to customers and other landscapers and snowplowers that he took advantage of and didn't pay for services provided, you hear what a snake he is.

It's about time that the press get the real story right and report the truth, not just some politically correct fluff.