Thursday, February 22, 2007

Landscaper saves home from fire

In his previous post, Ron was complaining about the landscaping news coming in all being negative. Well, here's one landscaper who made the news in a way that he should be proud of:

Shelton, CT - A Connecticut firefighter acted well in time and managed to put out most of the flames before a firefighting crew could reach the scene of a two-family house on fire. Dave VanWart, a 25-year-old landscaper and a firefighter by profession, used snow from the lawn to put out the fire.
Vanwart was alone when the blaze began, no fire truck had arrived yet so Vanwart decided to jump into action. He grabbed a shovel from the bed of his truck and ran to the first-floor apartment.
"I took the shovel and put the snow on the fire to try and knock it down a little bit so it didn't catch the rest of the house," Vanwart told reporters.
Assistant Fire Chief Mike Ulrich praised VanWart's timely effort and said that using snow created steam which prevented fire from spreading.

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— Mike Seuffert

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