Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kiss your grass g'bye

I have headline envy after reading this article in the New York Post. It reports that the New York City Parks Department has installed 74 artificial turf sports fields and is planning to spend $150 million more to build another 100 fields over the next five years. Synthetic turf is one of the hottest businesses going right now. And not just for sports turf. It's going to be bigger in the landscape industry too. My prediction.

By the way, many of New York's synthetic fields will be used for youth soccer. How about this headline for that: "Not Exactly a Kick in the Grass." — Ron Hall

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Christiaan Arends said...

A lot of peole think Artificial turf is maintenance free. They will be very dissapointed. In the sport turf industry people already know that the maintenance costs of artificial turf are the same as for natural turf. For home lawns and public green areas maintenance is very important, especially when trees are close by. The leafs of the trees will generate a lot of organic material in Fall and if you don't maintain it in just a few years, weeds and grass is growing in the artificial turf... SO be careful with it, it's not a solution for everything and it is definately not cheap to maintain!