Wednesday, May 09, 2007

They're getting younger all the time

A little healthy competition can be good for business. But three Knoxville, TN, brothers that started a maintenance operation may just make their Knoxville area competitors shudder.
The Dotson boys, Jarod, 14, and twins Jacob and Jordan, 13, began three years ago by cutting the grass for a neighbor. Then they added a few lawns and then a few more. Dotson Lawn Service took most of the $6,500 they earned last year to purchase new equipment.
Now, with gross revenues measured in four digits instead of six, seven or even eight, they're not going to appear on anyone's Top Companies list, but that's not the point. Every lawn they're cutting is one less for your company. Yes, they did get a little funding help from their parents, but how is that much different than borrowing from cousins, uncles, sisters and raiding the savings account to get your own business started.
Sure, these kids can't even drive for another couple of years, so their opportunities to expand are pretty limited. But what isn't limited is the number of young, entrepreneurial kids with willingness to push a lawn mower over a neighbor's yard.
And as Jarod said,

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Anonymous said...

hey this is jarod dotson and just 2 tell u we have already made over $2,000 dollars in a month and have 5 landscaping jobs to do this summer this year we will make in the 5 digits around $13,000-$14,000 since we gained 6 new properties this year and in a year and 3 months ill have my license and we will be one of the top lawn companies in Knoxville when im still in high school and we've got a Shindawa trimmer Exmark walk behind and a backpack blower now