Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't get stuck holding the bag for work done

Things aren't so hot for property developers right now. In fact, they look pretty scary. It seems a big developer in Indianapolis has run into some tough times, which is probably an understatement seeing as how it reportedly owes contractors a lot of money for the work they've done.

One of those contractors is The Brickman Group, headquartered in Gathersburg, MD, one of the top three landscape management companies in the nation. The Indianapolis Business Journal reported Satuday, Jan. 26, that Indy-based Premier Properties USA Inc., owes Brickman $54,000 for snow removal at its Woodfield Crossing property in suburban Indianapolis.

As a small business owner myself 30 years ago (partner in a photographic studio) I got stiffed on more than a few jobs, and I didn't like it . . . but never to the tune of $54,000.

Click on the headline for the article ("Financial troubles mount for local developer") on the Indianapolis Business Journal article. — Ron Hall

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