Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rattin' out your neighbors

If you're going to put down some weed & feed on your front yard in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, you better do it in the dead of the night. Make it a moonless night. You better be quiet, too. Otherwise, somebody (a neighbor perhaps?) might turn you in to the dreaded pesticide police and you'll get a stern warning to cease and desist. If you're caught again and are identified as a flagrant weed & feeder you will likely end up $150 lighter in the wallet.

Yes, there are pesticide snitches aplenty in Waterloo. An article in the Waterloo Record newspaper (access by clicking on the headline) recently reported that that city fielded 83 complaints in 2007 from citizens squealing on their fellow citizens.

What's next, dna samples from the best looking lawns in Waterloo to make sure they not being treated with banned substances? — Ron Hall

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