Monday, June 16, 2008

A lighter look at water shortages

Last week California's Governator declared the state was in an official drought and ordered water be transported to the driest areas.

This is a very serious problem and could have a major impact on landscapers and others in the Green Industry. With that in mind, my favorite fake-news source, The Onion, provided a list of ways for California to conserve water, including:

  • Gardeners must haul their own water from Mexico

  • Upon the conclusion of each Shamu Show at San Diego's SeaWorld, all persons seated in the Splash Zone must wring out their wet clothes over the lip of the orca tank

  • Wildfires only allowed to rage out of control on odd-numbered days

  • Top scientific minds will be summoned to see if they can somehow utilize the immense body of water immediately to the state's left

  • Click here to see the whole list.

    — Mike Seuffert

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