Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Here's a neat idea — a "Staycation"

Here's a great marketing idea from Bruce Allentuck, Allentuck Landscaping Co., Clarksburg, MD, and Mike McShane at Plantique in Allentown, PA — a "staycation." Bruce emailed the following to his customer recently. He says he got some of it from Mike McShane's blog.

How about the following for a neat message:

From rising airfares and gasoline prices, to the hassle and stress of travel itself, there are a number of factors driving the ideal vacation spot closer to home.

In fact, many homeowners are opting to create a vacation spot in their own backyard. Dubbed a "staycation," this at-home retreat is characterized by finding rest, relaxation and the amenities of a vacation in the comfort of one's home.

Vacations often lead to visions of sitting on a beautiful patio or deck, drinking a glass of lemonade and enjoying beautiful scenery or landscape. Another vision is spending time with family, playing games and enjoying a few good meals. Whether vacationers opt for tranquility or activity, it can be achieved with a staycation.
Just like a vacation, a staycation requires some preparation. Here are some items to consider prior to the time off:

—Establish the official staycation timeline: To avoid falling into the daily routine around the house, create a start and end date to the staycation so it is a true vacation.

—Brighten the landscape: A freshly mowed lawn and flowers in bloom brighten any backyard. Plant a variety of flowers, update the landscape and incorporate a waterfall, fountain or focal point.

—Create an outdoor living room or kitchen: Extending outdoor living is one of the latest trends. And there's no better time to have the new outdoor living room ready in time for enjoyable summer weather. By adding an awning or canopy over a deck or patio, the living space is versatile in a variety of weather conditions. A grill, cozy furniture, speakers and ambient lighting can also compliment the area.

—Stock up on games: From bocce ball and croquet to badminton and horseshoes, there are plenty of backyard games well-suited for family and friends. A game of cards or board games also make for more low-key activities.

— Find a good book: Grab a few good reads - a newly released book, a classic tale and a few favorite magazines.

—Plan a luau: Just because a flight to Hawaii is out of the picture for now, it doesn't mean a luau can't take place. Grab all the essentials - leis, tiki torches, pineapple, mango, a roast and Hawaiian music. Preparing for the evening ahead of time allows for easy implementation and enjoyment during the staycation.

I'm into the luau idea. We'll try a luau (without the roasted pig and grass skirts) once our neighborhood on the shores of Lake Erie thaws. — Ron Hall

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