Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Would you describe this landscaper as a hero? We would

The word “hero” is tossed around pretty freely these days. In fact, you can hardly turn on the television news program without mention of yet another hero, which is a good thing, if you give it much thought. Hero is certainly better than swindler or racketeer or fraudster or. . . well, let’s give it a rest.

I don’t know if Scot Olson, a landscaper working in Oak View, CA, feels comfortable being described as a hero, but you can bet at least one family wouldn’t hesitate to call him that, reported the Ventura Country Star.

You see, Olson was working in a yard in that city late Friday afternoon when he noticed two toddlers near a swimming pool. He told the youngsters to stay away from the pool, and, believing the toddlers were being watched by adults, he went back to work.

You guessed it. When Olson checked on the youngsters a while later, he noticed one of them floating on the surface of the pool. He broke through a picket fence and snatched the little one from the pool, yelled for help and began giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. A woman came and, with Olson’s help pulled the second girl from the bottom of the pool. Again, he applied resuscitation and again the toddler responded.

The newspaper reports both youngsters survived thanks to Olson. Way to go Scot Olson!! -- LM Staff

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