Friday, December 04, 2009

White House party crashers finally forced to pay their lawn care bill

It turns out the couple that crashed the White House State Dinner tried to stiff a service provider out of a $925 lawn mowing bill, but a judge in Warren County, VA, was not about to let that happen.

According to Fox News, a judge there forced Tareq Salahi to hand over his expensive Patek Phillipe watch, apparently as payment to Mike Dunbar, owner of ALA Home Improvement, for a long-overdue lawn care bill.

The dapper Tareq and his striking wife Michaele, of course, gained notoriety by successfully inviting themselves to a White House State Dinner this past week, a stunt apparently planned to get them their own reality television show. Who knows, they may get their show, after all. But, for now, the media is having a lot of fun at the couple’s expense, as evidenced by Fox News article and a video of the couple going to court that you can access by clicking here.

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