Monday, January 04, 2010

Video of Eric Hansen's neat propane-powered lawn service truck

(Jack Roush, Roush Performanc, hands the keys to a new propane-powered Ford F350 to lawn care business owner Eric Hansen.)

Erie Hansen’s been researching and testing the feasibility of changing his 28-year-old company from gasoline to propane power.

It looks like his Competitive Lawn Service, Inc., Downers Grove, IL, is on its way to becoming the first completely propane-powered lawn service company in the United States.

That will depend, at least in part, on the performance of the new under-bed, propane-powered Ford 350 that Hansen picked up from Roush Performance, Livonia, MI, in December. If it performs as well as he hopes (and expects), he will begin cycling out the remainder of his company’s diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles and replacing them with propane-powered trucks and vans.

Hansen’s company has been using propane lawn equipment for several years, and this past June installed a propane fueling station at his company’s headquarters.

Hansen says propane has provided his company substantial fuel and maintenance costs since he began making the switch.

Check out this video of Hansen at Roush Performance.

(Tell me if you don’t think Hansen looks younger than you would expect someone being in the dog-eat-dog lawn service business since 1982.) — Ron Hall


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