Friday, March 05, 2010

Excellent resource for helpful hiring tips

Several years ago we attended an event hosted by Bayer Environmental Science (“Healthy Lawns, Healthy Business”). One of the presenters at the event was Mel Kleiman, CSP. His suggestions (do’s and don’ts) about interviewing and hiring only the best employees impressed us.

We look forward to Kleiman’s periodic “Helpful Hiring Tips.” Here’s tip #49, which we thought appropriate given that everybody in the Green Industry is gearing up for another busy season, and some of you still need to add some good people to your teams.

1 It's harder to attract and hire STAR employees today because STARs, even if unhappy, aren't looking for new jobs. They are just going to stick it out until the economy gets better and they feel more secure about making a change.

2 While many companies have had layoffs, no one is letting their best people go.

3 It is harder to identify STAR employees today because the huge increase in the quantity of applicants does not equal quality. The haystack has just gotten a lot bigger which makes the STARs that much harder to find.

4 In these turbulent times, employers need all the STAR's they can get just to survive - and, more importantly, to position themselves to thrive when the turnaround comes.

5 Recent surveys report that over 90% of employees are satisfied with their jobs, but only because those employed are happy to have any job at all. The same survey reports that over 70% of employees will look for a new job as soon as the economy improves.

6 Desperate people do desperate things and today's applicants and employees are desperate. They falsify employment documents and stretch the truth in interviews. Once hired, many sue, file complaints, and have accidents.

7 When it comes to hiring, there's 10 times more data on how to look like a winning applicant than on how to hire a winner. Hiring managers need the newest strategies and tools to take back the upper hand.

8 The good news is that employee turnover is down. The bad news is that employee engagement and motivation are down too.

9 The most profitable customers you have are those who keep coming back. What brings them back is the quality of the products and services delivered by your hourly employees. That's why the most important decision a manager makes every day is whom they let in the door to take care of the customers.

10 A University of Chicago study showed that a hiring decision based on an interview is only 8% better than flipping a coin. No business can long survive with those odds.

If you feel this type of information is useful to you, you might want to check out Kleiman’s blog at

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