Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Webinars, like going to college but better

Landscape Management’s next Landscape Contractor Business School Webinar is Thursday, March 25, 11 a.m. EST. It's the third in a continuing series. This one features well-known business consultant Phil Harwood, Pro-Motion Consulting, who will share great information on landscape services in this incredibly competitive service environment — specifically how to determine which services to promote and which to abandon.

Webinars. Wow. I love them.

This morning, over several cups of coffee at a local Burger King, I listened to a 60-minute discussion on the use of alternative fuels in lawn mowers and other landscape maintenance equipment. It was incredibly informative — like going to a college class, but better. The discussion involved three knowledgeable panelists. Even though it took place weeks ago, I retrieved the information because the event's sponsor archived the entire audio/visual of the event on its Web site. I'll be passing on what I've learned soon. I promise you it'll open your eyes to great new opportunities to save money and offer greener services to your customers.

I listen to three or four webinars each week. I think they’re a great use of my precious time. (Everyone's time is precious, right? Once it skips by, there’s no retrieving it. It's gone, gone, gone.)

I’m not suggesting you spend every day dialing into every webinar related to your business that comes along. That's part of my job, which I love, learning what the best folks are doing and sharing it as efficiently as I can with you. But, I'm confident that if you check out our Landscape Contractor Business School webinars you will consider them time well spent.

And yes, if you miss the live presentations, access the archived presentations on our website. We post them all a week or so following the live events.

Like you, I want to keep learning. I’m grateful for people like Phil Harwood and the panelists I listened to via my laptop this morning that generously share what they know via webinars . . . which I can access over coffee as the sun comes up at my local Burger King. Or when I have the time to relax and learn. — Ron Hall

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