Monday, April 05, 2010

Pierre adds the green spaces to this Habitat for Humanity project

((Image courtesy San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity)

Earlier this year Pierre Sprinkler & Landscape volunteers partnered with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity in landscaping of a multi-unit complex in Monrovia, CA. Pierre Sprinkler & Landscape contributed estimating and installation services.

The complex involved more landscaping then most typical Habitat projects that have either an outdoor common area or several planters, but not private lawns. The personal outdoor space makes this project special.

“Initially, before the application, Pierre helped us look at the proposed system provided by public works and helped us ensure the system would work properly. They then helped us install on site” says Damien Allen, Director of Corporate and Community Sponsorships at SGV Habitat.

During construction, our construction manager, Rigo Sanchez, along with several field members worked with Habitat volunteers and Damien to landscape the project. The crew assisted volunteers in laying out the main and lateral lines as well as suggesting appropriate trench depths.

“We learned a lot of lessons from this project,” says Damien, “it’s a pretty large system and the only one we’ve done.”

The system involved 16 valves, four per unit that Pierre crews installed. They also built the manifolds for each zone, installed the backflow preventer and set up the boxes The Habitat homes were dedicated on March 6, 2010.

Each home features its own private lawn that is maintained by automatic irrigation controls.
“They were really able to help out with anything we had trouble with,” said Damien of working with Pierre. “This was our first install and having that technical supervision was really important to us.”

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Ibot said...

I wish we could have read what type of Sprinklers were used? Valves, Timers Etc. Thank you