Friday, June 04, 2010

American Veterans' Lawn Care now on active duty

OK, what's the proper protocol? Do we salute our lawn care provider first and pay later, or pay them first and then salute?

The new American Veterans’ Lawn Care Service, based in Tyler, TX, sounds like a pretty neat idea. From the little bit we could learn about it, it appears to be both a professional lawn care company and also a program to help military veterans needing a job.

Its Facebook page describes it’s a non-profit organization consisting of American military veterans “that will shape up or maintain your yard, pool and surroundings with military precision and pride!”

Vietnam veteran St. Mark Holmes created the company and, according this recent report on KLTV in Tyler, TX, he is hiring other veterans to take care of lawns in East Texas.

From the images on the company’s Facebook page, it looks like these guys mean business when it comes to lawn care. — LM Editors


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