Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do these irrigation/landscape tech salaries sound right to you?

I’m not sure how accurate these averages or how they were obtained, but here goes anyway. My guess is that they’re greatest value lies in showing that the wages for landscape and irrigation employees differ significantly by region.

You might say "Duh, that’s a no-brainer. " Fair enough but I thought you might find these salary averages interesting anyway.

The numbers come from the website I selected for the following market for no other reason than they’re in different parts of the country. Visit the website you can probably find the salaries for your metropolitan market, as well.

Landscape tech —Las Vegas $20,000; Atlanta $24,000; Boston $25,000

Irrigation tech — Las Vegas $27,000: Atlanta $32,000: Boston $33,000

Lead groundskeeper — Las Vegas $36,000: Atlanta $43,000: Boston $45,000

Nursery manager — Las Vegas $34,000: Atlanta $40,000: Boston $42,000

Grounds worker — Las Vegas $21,000: Atlanta $25,000: Boston $26,000

Landscape laborer — Las Vegas $19,000: Atlanta $23,000: Boston $24,000

You'll find a more authoritative breakdown of industry salaries in the next Landscape Management magazine State of the Industry Report. Be on the lookout for it.

Source: — Ron Hall


Southwest Landscape Mnagement said...


I would say that these salaries are a good benchmark reference for the green industry. We can also look at salary in another way by including things like job security. Lets look at it this way, if someone who is currently laid off from their job is reading this I would tell them that they can make much more than what you have listed, as well as be pretty much secure in the fact that they have a secure future because our industry is thriving right now.

We, as professionals in the green industry need to get the message out that we are hiring, and looking for long term employees such as operations managers, account managers and landscape techs. It is also important that we look outside the box for new employees and make clear the benefits of working in our growing industry.

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