Friday, May 03, 2013

Landscaper to the rescue

Oh how I love stories like this. Stories about landscapers who've got their mind on the job, until they notice something askew and leap into the role of hero.

That's what happened in Sturgeon, Mo., this week, when a vigilant landscaper showed up for work at a home and noticed three people he didn't recognize "tossing tools into the back of a vehicle," reports Missouri newspaper the Centralia Fireside Guard.

As the story goes, the perpetrators sped off as the landscaper neared the vehicle. The landscaper called 911 as he "gave chase" in his truck, telling authorities he had the thieves in his sights near a high school.

Ultimately, two of the perpetrators fled on foot and the third, a 17-year-old, was arrested on suspicion of stealing and possession of burglar tools. The drama continued when the school was put on lockdown and authorities spent two hours hunting the escaped perpetrators down through aircraft and with tracking dogs, to no avail.

Kudos to that brave landscaper for saving the day!

Read the full story here.

Beth Geraci


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