Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Accurate read of Canadian's views on lawn chemicals?

Are Canadian's feelings against the use of common synthetic pesticides on lawns as strong as the responses to recent news articles suggest? Or is the weight of these responses misleading because people with strong feelings regarding a particular issue tend to be more outspoken in expressing their opinions about it?

Your answer, I suppose, depends on which side of this issue you favor.

The action by liberal provincial leaders effective April 22 banning the sale and use of more than 240 pesticide products for the “cosmetic” use on landscapes in Ontario Province would appear to have widespread support — assuming reader responses to a recent article in the Toronto Star newspaper accurately measure citizen's sentiments.

That article briefly notes that new Democrat MP Pat Martin introduced a bill in the nation’s House of Commons to impose a national ban on pesticides on lawns, gardens and parks. While his proposal isn’t expected to go anywhere (not soon anyway), it generated a spat of responses on the Star website, most of them seemingly in favor of a national ban.

Click on the headline and check out the responses, an indication perhaps of how effective activists have been in regards to the lawn pesticide issue? — Ron Hall

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