Sunday, April 19, 2009

Battery-powered robot mower in your future?

BOISBRIAND, QUEBEC — RobotShip and BelRobotics have signed a distribution relationship to improve distribution of battery-powered BigMow and ParcMow commercial robot lawn mowers and a robotic BallPicker for golf practice ranges.

RobotShop says the lawn mowers mow properties of up to 2.5 to 5 acres respectively. Large properties, private and commercial, can benefit from these automated mowers by reducing labor overhead, noise and emissions. They also follow a set of mowing patterns that improves property aesthetics.

"The agreement between BelRobotics America Inc. and RobotShop Inc. marks the dawn of our first steps into cyber space, a world premier for the Belrobotics group. We have great hope in this new channel of distribution and the RobotShop team," shared M. Christophe Sepulchre, President of BelRobotics North America.

The BallPicker is an automated golf ball picking robot that can collect up to 12 000 golf balls a day. The BigMow-ParcMow and BallPicker make a great combination for golf practice range owners, merging efficiency with silent operation and no emissions.

"Belrobotics products are green, producing absolutely no emissions and are autonomous. Our product line focuses on lawn care for small, medium and large surfaces and golf ball picking on practice range," stated M. Christophe Sepulchre, President of BelRobotics North America.

For more information on the BigMow, ParcMow and BallPicker, visit or click on the headline.

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