Thursday, April 09, 2009

Will Canadians become U.S. pesticide customers?

A lot has been made in our region of the Great Lakes in northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan of seniors slipping into Canada to buy cheaper prescription drugs.

It looks like some Canadians might be returning the favor after April 22 when a ban on 250 lawn chemicals goes into effect throughout the Province of Ontario, Canada’s most populous region. A recent article in the Sarnia (Ontario) Observer points out how easy it will be for Canadians to still get their favorite pest controls, assuming they want to make the short drive into Michigan or other U.S. border states where the products are still sold.

We're waiting to hear if the Ontario pesticide police (with apologies to Dirty Harry) try out the following line on a would-be, lawn-loving, border-crossing, pesticide-buying homeowner: "You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?"

Click on the headline to read the short article in the Sarnia Observer. — The Staff


Anonymous said...

Somehow I am not worried about Canadians residing close to the American border going en masse to the U.S. for their pesticide supplies. There are always those who want to do as they please and never mind the harm they do to themselves, their families and their neighbours. But sanity and concern about the health of at least one's own family and pets is bound to prevail.

Dave Mc said...

I'm a lawn care operator in Ontario. I've had customers tell me that they are going to get (now)illegal product from neighboring states and provinces.
I did not encourage this behavior, but I understand the motivation.