Friday, November 16, 2012

An altruistic gesture

A landscaping firm is showing that altruism is alive and well. In honor of its 20th anniversary, Blue Ridge Landscape & Design in Winchester, Va., thought it only appropriate to give back to the city that has brought it so much success. So, Blue Ridge has donated 20 trees to the the city's Jim Barnett Park.

Blue Ridge owner Carl Thomas told the local paper, the Northern Virginia Daily: "We wanted to donate something to the city who has really been good to us over the years. [We] started calling it 20 trees for 20 years."

The gesture comes after the city and park lost 200 trees in a storm last summer. The team at Blue Ridge has children who play in the park, and people noticed there were no more shady trees by the playing fields. So, Blue Ridge planted a variety of trees that would provide shade, including dogwoods and maples. 

The generous move is proving to be contagious; two other businesses--Skyview Tree Experts and Greenleaf Tree Service--have each committed to donating 15 more trees. 

The landscaping industry does a lot to show they care about their communities. Way to go, Blue Ridge, for doing your part!

--Beth Geraci


Tree Pruning Brooklyn said...

Wow! This is pretty different from the norm. Usually the first thing you hear about a landscaping company is that they've chopped down half the trees in a town park. Hmm.

-Samudaworth Tree Service

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