Thursday, December 27, 2012

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Brad Groff

This week on FD2B Talk Radio Brad Groff, co-owner of River Valley Landscape and Pools in Wrightsville, Pa., shared how he uses technology in several different ways to keep his clients involved and engaged in the design process, while minimizing the amount of time that he wastes driving back and forth to their home.

Depending on the project, Groff will create a 2D concept plan in DynaSCAPE and/or a 3D model in Google SketchUp to make sure he's going in the right direction and to get some initial feedback on the design. However, instead of doing a presentation in person as most contractors do, he schedules an appointment with the homeowners using GoToMeeting and conducts an online presentation to review the drawings. Not only does this save him travel time but he can "meet" with both the husband and wife even if they're at two different locations. Another big benefit is he can schedule his meetings during regular business hours and not at night or on the weekends.

Show: It's all in the details. Or is it?
Guest: Brad Groff, co-owner of River Valley Landscape and Pools, Wrightsville, Pa.
Date: Dec. 26, 2012
To listen to the full show, CLICK HERE.

Editor's note: As part of a new partnership between Landscape Management and FD2B Talk Radio, we'll be posting an "Insight of the Night" every Thursday from the previous night's radio show. FD2B Talk Radio is a Green Industry radio show that broadcasts live every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern. Its host and founder is LM columnist Jody Shilan, who's also the editor and founder of

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